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Formazione online - Options community

Messaggio da Wiz3003 » 18/04/2015, 12:40

Nel mio percorso formativo sto cercando in rete le risorse free disponibili per costruirmi un percorso di formazione. Cercherò di inserire anche link a siti in italiano (se ne troverò che vale la pena considerare).
Lo scopo di questo thread è quello di raccogliere ciò che mi sembra buono allo scopo di creare una lista di risorse selezionate.
Mano a mano che approfondirò lo studio cercherò d'integrare l'elenco con miei commenti sui contenuti.

Chiunque può partecipare a popolare la lista ;)


The Option Industry Council
The Options Industry Council (OIC) was created as an industry cooperative to provide education about the benefits and risks of exchange-listed equity options. Options are a versatile yet complex product, and that is why OIC hosts options seminars, videos and podcasts, distributes educational literature, maintains a website, and offers live help from options professionals-all focused on options education.

CBOE Education Center
CBOE's educational initiatives come together in a comprehensive, online learning hub that offers option investors a foundation to build their knowledge and confidence when trading. Our innovative Education Snapshot takes personalized learning to a new level. Mastering option concepts and strategies has never been more entertaining than with our online game, OptionQuestSM. Gain 24/7 access to our online courses, webcasts and more.


The Options Guide
The mission here at is to provide free education to anyone interested in options and futures trading. We are an online reference and strategy guide that aims to simplify the complex world of derivatives trading through the use of concise articles, intuitive charts and detailed examples.
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