Uscire dal trade troppo presto ?

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Re: Uscire dal trade troppo presto ?

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Tornando alla tematica non trovo alcuna domanda o richiesta alle quali poter rispondere, sull'argomento ti invito ad ogni modo a leggere l'interessante thread "psicologia del trading" che trovi su questo forum
Perfetto, grazie per l'indicazione.

Pensa che era proprio l'altro articolo su cui volevo un'opinione, così mi hai già risposto tu.

Adesso non riesco a tradurlo, mi dedico di nuovo a questo interessante forum nel volo di ritorno, con l'esclusiva come ha richiesto Carlo per evitare contenuti duplicati su google.
Recency Bias

Recency bias is a phenomenon of human psychology that essentially says our most recent experiences have more of an effect on our behavior than older experiences do. If you haven’t already done so, check out my article on recency bias in trading to learn more.

What we are concerned with here is how recent losses in trading or even other negative recent experiences can work to reinforce overly-conservative or defensive feelings in the market, in other words, they can make you fearful.

Traders often get overly-influenced by their recent trades, so if they’ve had a few losses in a row they start getting scared and start seeing the market as more risky than it may be and they start losing faith in their trade edge (very dangerous). It’s critical to remember that your trading edge materializes only over a large sample size of trades and you can never know for sure WHICH trade will be a winner and which will be a loser, until it’s over of course. Hence, to let your last trade or even your last several trades influence your feelings and behavior for your next trade, is simply not productive or logical.

Trading Psychology (mindset)

Not having the right mindset about trading and not understanding key realities of how markets move, is something that will definitely contribute to exiting trades too early.

Many people come into trading thinking they will get rich quick and they even quit their jobs before they’re actually making money trading, because they’re “so sure” they will making a living trading.

The truth is, only about 10% of traders survive long-term, and if you want to be one them you’ve to act and behave differently than the other 90%. How do you do that, you ask? Well, behavior is the result of mindset. Your mindset influences your habits and your habits essentially are what make or break you in the market. So, it all starts with having and maintaining the proper trading mindset.

You’ve got to accept that slow and steady wins the race and that a low frequency trading approach is how you making money “fast”. The more you try to make money, the more you will lose. Trading success is the result of focusing on trading performance; being consistent and doing all the little things right day in and day out so that there are no huge swings in your equity curve. Once you truly accept these things your mindset will be much closer to where it needs to be to become a successful trader.

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Re: Uscire dal trade troppo presto ?

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Utente bannato chiudo.

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